AAR launches innovation podcast

Over the course of this summer, we’ll be recording our new innovation podcast – Fightback. In our first season of six episodes we’ll be hearing fascinating stories from innovators at the coalface of disruption. Not those in shiny start-ups or those disrupting the status quo but rather those who are doing what, in our opinion, is the harder job of transforming heritage businesses. We simply haven’t heard enough of these stories from a UK perspective and so we thought we’d better help tell them.

In a series of pacey and interesting interviews (thank you to our editors at Somethin’ Else Productions), we’ll be talking to people from Sainsbury’s, Diageo, Avios and others.

If you know someone at a heritage brand fighting the good fight, then please drop us a line. We’d love to help them tell their story so we can all learn a little and celebrate the hard work people are doing to transform some of our most important businesses and make them future-fit.

Look out for the first episode coming to your favourite podcast platform later in the Autumn.