Managing your client: agency relationships and marketing partnerships to get the best out of them can be challenging.

We can help take the pain out of some aspects of this by supporting you in:

  • Setting up the relationship for success
  • Reviewing performance and improving your working practices
  • Up-skilling your team and building long term capabilities

Everyone’s needs are different – there is no one-size fits all solution. We take the expertise and tools that we have and create an approach that works for you specifically and meets the needs of your team.

It’s about driving excellence in your client: agency relationships in order to get better results and work.

The value comes through the rigour the AAR bring to the review – ensuring feedback is face to face, encouraging intelligent discussion and debate around that feedback and, critically, ensuring it is seen through to action and progress

How we can help you manage your client: agency relationships

  • Setting up the relationship for success Image

    Setting up the relationship for success

    It’s hard to create performance targets before the rubber has actually hit the road. Working with client and agency teams who are in new relationships with each other, we often find the service level agreement and KPI’s that have been agreed have been set too early to reflect the realities of working together.More Information

    We can help you think about what you need to get done in the first 100 days of working together – take a look at our Relationship Transition Guidelines in Useful Information - and then carry out a short online survey with your team to look at what is working well and less well.

    The results will give you a clear idea where the pinch points, that will limit the effectiveness of your working relationship with your agency, are. And we’ll make specific recommendations to help you build on the good things and course-correct anything that’s going awry.

    If you need help with implementing any of those recommendations, we can do that too.

  • Reviewing performance and improving working practices Image

    Reviewing performance and improving working practices

    The most effective partnerships build in early warning systems that flag up the performance niggles that could develop into full-blown issues that limit productivity if left unaddressed.More Information

    We use a combination of online questionnaires and face to face interviews with the marketing and agency teams to get feedback on how the relationship is working, probing capability, capacity and competency in both teams. This gives you trackable scores for key performance areas, and identifies strengths and development needs, all with recommendations on how to address these needs.