Drawing on a combination of AAR’s unique and extensive database of agency rate cards and what we learn from our regular review of agency remuneration proposals, we can give you an informed and contemporary perspective on what constitutes a fair days pay for a fair days work for your agency partners.

Our data points deliver hourly rate high/low ranges, broken down by communications discipline, agency size, job title and function and seniority.

We can help you understand how competitive your agencies’ hourly rates are, and assess the size and profile of the agency resource against your scope of work. We can advise on, and help you set up and manage, a Performance Related Pay scheme for your agency partners.

And we’ll tell you when you are not paying enough for the services that you are receiving.

AAR are a great source of intelligence for different agency markets and models. They provide an independent view / benchmark to ensure our business is getting value for money and help us shape the strategy to extract the best value that we can
Senior Procurement Manager,
The Co-operative