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In recent months, the small village that is the marketing community has got all over-excited about the death of the pitch.

The eulogies are led by journalists looking for copy and consultants peddling their version of the ‘new and improved’ pitch, the ‘non-pitch’ pitch, and our personal favourite, the ‘let’s not meet the agency before we invite them to pitch’ pitch.

While all that’s going on, we at AAR are busy, you know, running pitches with the willing participation and encouragement of brands looking for agency partners, and agencies super-excited to pitch for these opportunities.

So, if you’d not only like to know why pitches are still with us but, more importantly, how to win them then pop along to our next AAR Breakfast Seminar where we’ll be exploring what goes through a client’s mind when they’re in ‘new business mode’, along with what you should pitch for, and how often, and what types of pitches there are.


You’ll gain valuable insights on:

  • Why clients pitch
  • Key factors for agencies to consider before deciding to pitch
  • What to invest
  • The journey to the pitch
  • The pitch itself


Anyone involved in agency new business, at any level.


Tony Spong, Managing Partner and Robin Charney, Business Director, AAR


Bookings for this session will open a minimum of 3 weeks in advance via Eventbrite.

Places are charged at £249 +VAT per person.