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Have you ever wondered what clients actually think about when they are reviewing agencies and why some agencies are more successful than others?

Some of the questions that may have kept you awake at night in the past probably include:

  • Why do clients call pitches?
  • How much do they actually know about agencies before they start a review?
  • What are their big turn offs?
  • What makes a good Chemistry Meeting?
  • Do they want you to tell them the answer or be part of the solution?
  • Is there any advantage in going first or last on pitch day?
  • How many people should you have in a pitch presentation?

Having worked on almost a thousand pitches between them, Martin Jones and Alex Young from AAR have been party to all those behind-the-scenes discussions which agencies rarely get to hear about; when clients are choosing who to put on their pitch list and, ultimately, who to appoint.

This is your opportunity to get answers to all of these new business related questions and more, and to hear how agencies have got it both right and spectacularly wrong.


Martin Jones and Alex Young, AAR.


Anyone involved in agency new business, at any level.


Bookings for this session will open on 16 April via Eventbrite.

Places are charged at £199 +VAT per person.