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Which brands and businesses are most future-proof, and how have they prepared themselves? At AAR’s next breakfast briefing, The Future Laboratory’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Tracey Follows, explains what makes an organisation fit to face the future. 

Is your business ready for the future?

At a time of unprecedented change, it’s a question all organisations should be asking themselves, so we’re delighted that Tracey Follows, will be helping us address it at AAR’s next morning event, on 15 June.

The Future Laboratory has just completed its Future Fit Index, which ranks the world’s top 100 companies and brands most prepared for the future. Tracey will be talking about who’s at the top of the list and what they did to get there – as well as some of the famous names that didn’t make it.

And she’ll be discussing some of the key trends that we all need to be aware of in our thinking about the future, and the lessons we can learn from how the top-ranking companies and brands are approaching them.

Among the trends The Future Laboratory has identified are: the rise of civic brands – those that take a more responsible role in society; the need for whole system thinking that takes in long-term questions around waste and sustainability; the importance of going beyond functionality in the customer experience to create surprise and delight; and the role of transparency in developing trust.

According to the Future Fit Index, Nike is the company best equipped to deal with these trends, and the others that will make up the context for businesses in the future. Talking to Tracey recently, she explained that the six behaviours the research looked at were agility, innovation, conscious business, brand stretch, thriving employees and long-term planning. Nike, she said, scores well across all of them. It’s in good shape financially, it’s environmentally conscious, it has women on the board, it has high internal engagement, and it thinks of the products and services it’s going to create for future customers.

She also stressed that it’s not just brand-owners that need to be thinking in this way. Agencies too should be applying this thinking to the brands they work on, making sure that they have a long-term future and can stretch into new and adjacent categories.

Tracey will be sharing a lot more with us in her talk on 15 June and if you’re a marketer in the UK, we’d love you to join us. Just register via the Eventbrite link on this page.