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In today’s fast paced working environment, when almost everything is digitalised and the ability to create strong relationships is already restricted, trying to get to know someone where the conversation opens via an E Procurement portal is a real challenge.

It’s now the norm to have client procurement present at new business ‘chemistry’ meetings. Indeed, it’s often procurement who lead the way in finding new agency relationships for marketing departments. It’s important to understand what kind of relationship procurement is looking for, be it tactical or strategic, to enable delivery against their expectations. It’s critical to consider the needs and demands of procurement at the beginning of the relationship process. Failing to do so can result in a lost new business opportunity or the storing up of damaging friction for a later date.

This half day session, facilitated by commercial specialist Sarah Tucker, examines the world of procurement and
pinpoints how and why agencies might align themselves more productively, from the beginning of the new business process, with the ambitions of client procurement.

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