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Business Development has always been seen as the life blood of any agency. The chance to pitch your team against a group of competitors, and know your thinking has won through, lifts the whole team and provides fresh energy and momentum to your business.

Having a strong business development team is crucial if you are to compete in today’s crowded market place. Many agencies start by choosing from within their agency and so getting that person up to speed as quickly as possible is vital. In order to help agencies in this very important area, four years ago we created an intense five session course singularly aimed at agency staff who were ‘new’ to new business. The course provides both theoretical and practical advice, including recommendations on new business strategy, business development from existing clients, targeting, collateral materials and pitching techniques. In addition, participants gain practical experience of completing RFI’s, participating in Chemistry Meetings and receiving feedback. At the start of the course, participants are divided into teams of four and compete against the other groups during the course.

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