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Tim Smale is a performance coach with a difference. He has spent the last 15 years helping individuals and groups perform more to their full potential. Tim specialises in raising performance in critical (pitch) situations. Over the last 18 months he has helped Media, Creative and PR Agencies retain (and win) over £450m worth of billings, with a success rate of over 70%.

Seminar overview

Learn how to improve your pitch mindset. This seminar will be a mixture of neuroscience theory, designed to help the attendee understand the impact of a negative/positive belief system in relation to defending a pitch, and the explanation and demonstration of some practical skills to affect a positive pitch outcome amongst your teams. You will learn about the different functions of the brain, the creation of your reality, and how to influence that reality to create a more desirable behaviour. We will cover the dos and don’ts of the pitch mindset and attendees will learn many practical outputs, as well as some fascinating theory.


  • Learn how to harness the power of the group unconscious and win more incumbent pitches
  • Create a pitch winning/business defending mindset for you and your pitch teams
  • Learn how to stay calm, focused and in control for enhanced performance overall
  • Learn how to remove the limiting beliefs that block success (and replace them with some better beliefs)

Who should attend?

  • New Business Directors and Managers
  • Those with responsibility for New Business/Business Development
  • Pitch team leaders

About the presenter

Tim Smale studied languages at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and spent over 20 years in management roles in media organisations. He set up Mindworks in 2003 and has since helped thousands of customers change unwanted habits and behaviours of a lifetime. Amongst his many celebrity clients, Tim has helped win 2 Brit Awards, a BAFTA, a Champions League medal and a MasterChef final place.

How to book

We open bookings roughly three weeks in advance of each seminar. To book a place, please email Ann-Marie confirming the name, job title and email address of your delegate and whether they’d prefer the morning or afternoon session.

NB: AAR seminars are exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies only. One place per agency, please!