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Over the last few years there has been a growing concern among senior clients and agency leaders that something is going wrong with the Account Management function. What additional value do they bring to the table that Strategic Planners, Creatives, Technologists and Project Managers don’t?

In 2018 we conducted research among clients to road test the key attributes we had developed with agency leaders, and one of these was ‘entrepreneurship’. They unequivocally told us that ‘their Account Lead must be focused on their business, their brand, their challenges; someone who has that entrepreneurial instinct for an opportunity, balancing risk and reward, be that to grow market share or simply to improve ways of working’.

In 2019 we are striving to help our subscribers work out how their account management function needs to change to embrace these findings.

Welcome to the next in the series aimed at supporting those new to and aspiring to be Account Directors, helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Seminar overview

Using real-world case studies and research, this seminar will define exactly what entrepreneurship is (and what it isn’t) and focus on the key attributes entrepreneurs exhibit through a journey of success and failure, opportunity, adversity, challenge and luck, so that you will go away with the most acute sense – and plan – of how you can apply them to the accounts you work on.


  • Learn the difference between ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘entrepreneurial thinking’
  • Identify with one of the 3 main types of entrepreneur, and how to leverage that
  • Appreciate – and maximise – the 8 traits of the entrepreneur
  • Learn 5 super-charged OPPORTUNITY PLANNING techniques
  • Pick up 4 proven tools to increase entrepreneurial CREATIVITY
  • Take-away 3 essential guides to entrepreneurial EFFECTIVENESS, SURVIVAL and PURPOSE

Who should attend?

Account Directors and those aspiring to become Account Directors in the next 6-12 months

About the presenter

Stephen Chandler first showed signs of entrepreneurial promise at the age of 11 – making 40% profit on Coke cans bought from the Co-op and re-sold to school friends – through being spotted and trained for leadership by the Royal Air Force (as a pilot) at 15 years old. Stephen subsequently spent 27 years working in advertising management.  First with network agencies such as Ogilvy, GGT, JWT and TMW, and latterly founding, running and exiting his own agencies: The Feel Agency, TomTom nation, Barber & Chandler, and The Wooden Table.  During that time, he has been a highly effective manager, leader, entrepreneur, mentor and non-executive director to many individuals, companies and charities. He is now a full time Coach and Mentor, and consultant to several advertising agencies.

How to book

We open bookings roughly three weeks in advance of each seminar. To book a place, please email Katrina confirming the name, job title and email address of your delegate and whether they’d prefer the morning or afternoon session.

NB: AAR seminars are exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies only. One place per agency, please!