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In today’s always-on world, agencies are becoming more agile in how teams are pulled together around particular client challenges and briefs. With teams being built and dismantled faster than ever, the team leaders must help each member quickly slot in and get up to speed fast. This places greater emphasis on the ability to ‘coach’ the team members rather than doing the doing. The transition from ‘doing’ to more of a ‘coaching’ role is not an easy one, as many have never had the opportunity to learn these softer skills; how a team – including freelancers and specialists – works and delivers at its best together, and which behaviours are consistently needed by high impact leaders.

AAR has been working with agency leaders to champion the need to re-invent the role of Account Management and the ability to step change from pure delivery to coaching a team has been identified as one of the core skills that needs attention.

Seminar overview

In this seminar, Diana Jervis Read will explain what the key coaching competencies are, and when and how to use them to raise your levels of influence to get the best out your teams and, ultimately, your clients. The seminar will help you to develop the skills needed to manage teams and build the accountability needed to sustain a level of high performance.

This will be a very interactive seminar where participants’ questions and experiences are welcomed.


  • You’ll understand how to build a high achieving team and culture in the shortest possible time, and how to sustain it
  • You will know how to develop a collaborative vision, to increase ownership and engagement of your team members
  • You will understand best practice delegation, motivation, positive and critical feedback; how to minimise and resolve conflict, self-awareness and understanding of different profiles and team roles
  • You will have a go (and be critiqued) at using the best known coaches’ model, to increase your influence with your seniors, clients, peers and juniors

Who should attend?

  • Those leading teams of 2 or more members up to a large department/agency
  • Individuals who risk running faster than their teams rather than achieving their goals through them
  • Those who can improve their creative questioning, listening and/or empathy skills, which ultimately contribute to client service, sales skills and retention of staff
  • Those who want to accelerate the growth and loyalty of their line reports

About the presenter

Diana Jervis Read is an expert in advising companies on driving growth through peak performance productivity, leadership and management, and what A-teams do differently.

She founded her first public relations consultancy in the late 80’s, growing and later selling it to FKB Carlson and reaching financial freedom at 35. She became a director and part of the IPO team, selling the largest global marketing group of the time. Seeking further challenges she subsequently founded, sold and merged two more award winning consultancies.

Since 2004, Diana has focused her attentions on business advising and mentoring, specialising in leadership and productivity. She worked closely with Grant Thornton as a Growth Coach then Enhanced Expert for the Government’s Business Growth Service, mentoring SME owners.

From the time she joined the FKB board and started in-house mentoring, to the present day mentoring leaders – and coaching those led by imperfect leaders – Diana has seen at first hand how leadership skills can be learnt and how vital they are for sustained success, team motivation and retention. Her presentations include learnings her clients – from the BBC to Coca-Cola to companies you’ve never heard of – have taught her about leadership that isn’t in print.

How to book

We open bookings roughly three weeks in advance of each seminar. To book a place, please email Ann-Marie confirming the name, job title and email address of your delegate and whether they’d prefer the morning or afternoon session.

NB: AAR seminars are exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies only. One place per agency, please!