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The greatest challenge facing both Agencies and Brands is not only identifying but also implementing new Business Models that are sustainable and provide a Win:Win on both sides.

The old Agency pricing model and operating system has been drained of value and has mostly now been commodotised by its own clients. The buyers have been setting the sellers prices. In no other industry would this be allowed to happen. There has been no ‘winners’ on either side as Brands now look to find more ways to cut more costs, put more pressure on agency margins, by-pass agencies  completely or bring whole specialisms in-house. Both sides are caught up in a Dance till Death and require a seismic shift in thinking, creativity and innovation around Business Models that put both sides back into Partnership with true commercial and strategic alignment.

Seminar overview

  • You will have the latest thinking around Agency Business Models and workshop activities to model behavioural change as well as create your own personal Win:Win Journey
  • This will be a highly interactive and creative session as well as equipping you with practical tools and approaches that you can take back and implement


  • You will look at the journey from Lose:Lose to Win:Win
  • You will take part in activities that will change the way you think and approach challenges
  • You will be introduced to the fundamental principles of transitioning to a new model
  • You will look at how you can start to apply a different story and lead with value not service
  • You will better understand how to eradicate out of date pricing practices and replace them with a focus on value creation
  • You will be involved in interactive sessions where you start to apply the new thinking
  • As a group, you will look at the barriers that stand in the way of a powerful momentum to change

Who should attend?

Leaders of the Agency business. Founders, CEO, COO, MD’s.

(Maximum of 18 attendees)

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept bookings from agency personnel outside of these roles.

About the presenters

Caroline Johnson  has worked in the creative industry all her career which has spanned Agency Leadership, Management Consulting, Corporate Advisory and, for the last eight years, Business Model Transformation. She founded The Clear Partnership in 2010 as a specialist Consultancy to advise agencies on new models. In 2017, The Clear Partnership became part of The Business Model Company which she co-founded with Rob Connolly. The Business Model Company works with the most progressive brands and agencies to achieve Business Model Transformation to stay constantly ahead of the curve. It is leading the way with the latest techniques and methodologies to ensure successful transitions. It helps brands together with their agencies perfect their business model to maximise their commercial performance, create new value and new rules, futureproof their business and thrive together.

John Monks is an expert facilitator and team coach. He helps the world’s most ambitious organisations transform to take advantage of the latest model thinking. Passionate about developing creative leadership, John enjoys building and mentoring brilliant teams to produce breakthroughs in how they approach industry and model challenges. John has built a career in management consulting, establishing DigitasLBI’s global Digital Business Design practice and Curve in London and New York, transforming many of the world’s leading organisations from Virgin Atlantic to NYPD. In March 2018 Curve joined The Business Model Company.


We open bookings roughly three weeks in advance of each seminar. To book a place, please email Ann-Marie confirming the name, job title and email address of your delegate.

NB: AAR seminars are exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies only. One place per agency, please!