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Creative firepower and strategic thinking are highly valued by clients as adding direct value to their businesses, which can mean any negotiation is quick and painless as long as the commercial information is presented in a clear way.

Yet we often hear this isn’t the case when considering account management and this has been heightened when other centralised teams such as project management and production are considered. Then clients, either directly or working with procurement, start to forensically assess the number of hours, number of roles and “what value are they adding to my business?”.

What’s really going on in the client’s mind, what is really being said or often not said – and needs probing and unlocking to access a truth.  How do marketing work with procurement?  How do we ensure the whole agency relationship is valued, and considered an asset, not just specific departments or indeed individual people?  The sum of the whole, not the individual parts.

In this seminar, the group will understand a client’s reality, the hard truths, the myths and the real opportunities when developing better client-agency relationships.

Seminar overview

In this interactive seminar, designed for agency-side client leads, you will explore ways to improve your client relationships. Your session will be led by Gareth Turner, an experienced client-side leader, who will share his perspective and insights:

  • Understand what a great client-agency relationship looks like, and…
  • … spot some of the signs that all is not well
  • Appreciate what life is like inside the client’s world
  • Identify the barriers to better client-agency relationships and how to overcome
  • Develop a better perspective of the relationship between Marketing and Procurement


  • Improved client relationships leading to…
  • …your clients better appreciating the value you bring
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what clients are saying about agencies
  • Build a set of tactics to help understand your clients better
  • An interactive session with a range of agency side peers and an experienced client

Who should attend?

This seminar is intended for those who are leading the client relationship for the agency, those playing a significant role in client relationships, or those who will move to one of these roles in the near future.

About the presenter

Gareth Turner has over 20 years client side experience in sales and marketing leadership positions building household name brands like John Smith’s, Bulmers, Lurpak, Cravendale and Arla.  His recent work has been to lead international brand teams to deliver integrated communications across 6 markets – coaching and facilitating when the inevitable tensions emerge.  He works both client side and as a trainer for AAR.

How to book

AAR Seminars are exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies. Bookings open approximately THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE of each seminar. To book a place, please email us confirming the name, job title and email address of your delegate