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Delivered by Diana Jervis Read of JR Performance Coaching, this session will help people who battle with large workloads, a high amount of deadlines and unpredictable work, and/or multiple clients and bosses. It also has something to teach people who think their time management is spot on! It incorporates new and favourite techniques, including some that are not to be found in any text book but which Diana’s coaching clients have found invaluable.

By DISC psychometric profiling, this course analyses each delegate’s strengths and weaknesses in time management, and gives bespoke tools and techniques for each person present to make more hours free; keenly prioritise even unforeseeable workloads, minimise stress and procrastination; and increase control, concentration, delegation and motivation. This naturally improves work/life balance. It is the only course of its kind that uses psychometrics to give bespoke advice.

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