Fightback is a business innovation podcast that celebrates the stories of the people doing the hardest job in innovation today: transforming UK heritage brands from the inside.

Each episode is a conversation with a leader sharing their Fightback experience; their views on what disruption they’re facing in their industry, what they’re doing about it and what they’ve learned. They share insights, experiences and practical advice for listeners to take to their own Fightback.

In series 1, we speak with innovation leaders from Boots, NatWest, Sainsburys, GSK, Avios and Homeserve.

Your host: Robin Charney, Director of Digital and Innovation, AAR




Episode 1

Tuesday 22 October

From shopkeeper to customer keeper: willful disruption at Boots

In this episode, Robin interviews Rich Corbridge, Director of Innovation and Dave Robinson Head of Data and Personalisation at Boots.

In this lively chat, they talk about the future of the high street chemist and their recent launch of in store video GP consultation; their “willful disruption” innovation approach; the cultural changes they are spearheading including the permission to fail; their work with the NHS; their approach to data and loyalty, and how they work with partners from Microsoft to startups to win their fightback.

They finish up with a few predictions and a wish list of innovations they wished they’d been part of.




Episode 2

Tuesday 29 October

NatWest Ventures and the importance of the growth mindset

In this episode, Robin speaks with Jeremy Smith from NatWest. It’s an amazing glimpse into NatWest’s unique venture model, as well as an important lesson in having the right executive buy-in and sponsorship and a great discussion about why London is the world leader in fintech startups.

We also touch on how Open Banking is driving innovation, how to grow new brands both from the inside and through partners and why co-location away from the mothership is super important.




Episode 3

Tuesday 5 November

How to disrupt yourself from the shed in the car park – the story of Homeserve’s LeakBot

In this week’s episode, Robin speaks with Craig Foster of Homeserve where we find out what happens when you have an ambitious CEO, a curious new MD and a marketing guy that moves to the shed in the car park. We talk about the importance of being clear on what business you are truly in, and the failure that can come with ignoring the changing market around you as well as ways to overcome the sucking sound of the core.




Episode 4

Tuesday 12 November



Episode 5

Tuesday 19 November



Episode 6

Tuesday 26 November