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I read an article in the Guardian recently that pointed out how unhelpful the expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’ was to children’s development. When my young nephew comes to stay he frequently wakes me up at 7am (my wife provides the tea and custard creams) to ask me all his burning questions; why this and why that. There is nothing nicer, I feel, than watching a brain grow.

Without curiosity, just think of all the things that wouldn’t have been invented, created or discovered.

So if you are curious about why clients told us  ‘curiosity’ was the most valuable attribute their account lead needs to have, then come along to our next Masterclass where we unpack our latest research into how you can re-invigorate the role of Account Management.


  • Hear the latest insights from AAR research on what clients need and why
  • Understand why clients have latched on to ‘curiosity’ as a cornerstone of a successful and long standing relationship
  • Debate what clients want agencies to be curious about, and associated traits
  • Identify the key building blocks to developing a culture of curiosity
  • Give greater clarity of meaning and value to the function of Client Service


Tony Spong and Vicky Gillan, Managing Partners, AAR.


Agency senior management, heads of clients services and those leading client business.


Bookings for this session will open on 10 September 2018 via Eventbrite.

Places are charged at £199 +VAT per person.