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The New Business Market January to June 2024

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The desire for the ‘end to end’ agency model is driving M&A

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Remuneration models are evolving: Masters of transformation – just not of our own?

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Do we all give up too easily on existing relationships?

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What is a Marketing Ecosystem?

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What on earth has happened to the ‘R’ in CRM?

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Poor briefing: a bad habit to break

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The right foundations for a rock-solid marketing operating model: a CMOs checklist

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Data-Driven Marketing: Why Our Industry Needs Honesty To Navigate The Next Evolution

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Driving creativity: Why process might be the winning spell to unleash magic

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What role will AI play in helping marketers choose the best agency partners?

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Victoria Fox - The way leadership is taught and thought of needs to change. We need to strip out the bullsh*t.

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AAR launches No Bullsh*t Leadership E-Learning Programme to develop a new generation of exceptional ‘everyday leaders’

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AAR bolsters social, content and influencer practices in response to explosion of briefs

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To tailor the experience, you’ll need to learn how to remap the software

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What I wish I’d known about clients when I worked in an agency...


Brand strategy: Know your onions

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Is your retention strategy a winning one?

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Creativity: The antidote to Permacrisis in 2023?

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AAR partners with Vonnie Alexander to lead and expand CRM/CX practice

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2023 Predictions

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AAR’s In-Housing Playbook: Busting the Biggest Myths of In-Housing

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How I’ve Learnt to Embrace Complexity

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AAR Adds Sustainability to Agencies’ Pitch Credentials

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This is an Emergency Broadcast Message

Crimewatch Option 1

Creativity Crimewatch - Is Your Brand Guilty Or Innocent?

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Is Your Agency Model Helping You To Achieve Your Growth Goals?

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Are you buying or selling?

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Talking Hats - Are We Oversimplifying The Briefing Conversation?

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AAR looks to the future as Hannah Astill joins to lead Media practice

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AAR New Business Pulse data shows overall appointments down by almost a third in H1 2022 versus H1 2021

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Alzheimer's Research UK appoints Above+Beyond as lead strategic and creative agency

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‘The farther backward you can look the farther forward you are likely to see’ - Winston Churchill

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The Creative Capital Manifesto, and AAR’s Rallying Cry To The Industry

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Inside the Client mind: Unlocking resistance to change

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AAR Calls On Industry To See Creativity As A Capital Investment In Their Organisation

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Is All Agency Feedback Useful? Exploring Client/Agency Relationships

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Creative Briefing: How Clients Can Write Better Briefs

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Curiosity at the heart of Account Management

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New Health Check for In-House Agencies: Helping CMOs Drive Performance

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AAR’s New Health Check To Become Essential Tool That Will Drive Success of In-House Agencies

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Dynamic Listening

Creativity With A Capital C Option 1 Resized

What is FF, DD, CC Marketing and why is it on everyone’s agenda?

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Presenting Blendidly

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How to design an effective in-house agency

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AAR Unveils The Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Agency Relationship

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AAR New Business Pulse data shows overall appointments up by 46.1% in 2021 v 2020

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Overcoming The Challenges Of The Customer-Centric Operating Model

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The changing dynamics of the new business marketplace for creative agencies

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How to embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into your people, processes and creative work

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New Business Market 2021

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The best leaders listen first

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A year like no other for media pitches

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The weird and wonderful world of ‘hybrid’ pitching

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AAR hires Alex Steele to expand in-housing expertise

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Taco Bell appoints The Or to UK creative account

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Have we lost sight of the purpose of Account Management?

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Freesat builds for the future with TMW Unlimited and The Specialist Works appointments

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The agency new business boom! How briefs, pitches and client behaviour has changed in 2021

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OVO Energy appoints Lucky Generals and Goodstuff

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Alzheimer’s Society appoints New Commercial Arts for brand refresh

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Ban The SLA (Just for the first six months)

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12% year on year uplift for new business in H1 2021

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Creativity with a Capital C – a Superpower for Business

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Five Ways To Avoid Marketing Transformation Failure

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DFS appoints Pablo to creative account

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Why Neverland is precisely Tetley’s cup of tea

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AAR launches Rapid Response Unit PR pitch offering

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Green Shoots Starting to Emerge In AAR New Business Pulse After 2020 Data Showed Appointments Down by 39.2%

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Lifecycle of an agency

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What is right-housing and why is it essential for brands?

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AAR hires George Porteous as Chief Strategy Officer accelerating growth of its consultancy practices

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Join the AAR team: We’re hiring a Junior Business Manager

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2021: A year of opportunity

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Things to think about when pitching in COVID times

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What does Creativity mean to customers?

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Where do you fit in your clients’ marketing ecosystem?

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Why we need creativity more than ever

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AAR partners with PR industry leader Andrew Bloch to lead and expand PR pitch practice

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Decreasing rate of new-business appointments begins to ease

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New business appointments decline significantly in H1 2020

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Zoopla appoints Essence


A perspective on what’s happening in Agency-land

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MyOnlineTherapy appoints Mission Group

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Three themes we’re hearing from CMO’s

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UK ad exports grow to become second-biggest sector for overseas sales

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Vision Express appoints Leo Burnett to creative account

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AAR video conferencing top tips (so far)

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AAR looks to the future with Rebecca Nunneley appointment

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uSwitch appoint Joint to UK creative account

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New business market 2019

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A year of decisive change

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In. Out. Is it time to shake it all about?

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Let’s talk about the ‘m’ word

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Lucozade appoints Adam&Eve DDB

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Zoopla appoints Lucky Generals


Travel Republic appoints The Corner


TripAdvisor appoints Havas Media and Mother to global accounts

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Essence to host Airbnb media in global review

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Increase in fintech and food brands boosts H1 new business

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Q4 Core and Senior Management Seminar Programmes


Innovation – where should I start?

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Thinking of calling a pitch? Here are three times when you shouldn’t

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Thinkbox appoints Mother to creative account

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Cross-functional teams call for focus on relationships

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Creativity starts with curiosity

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AAR restructures shareholdings to reap the benefits of being employee-owned

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AAR becomes employee-owned

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10 observations on the creative pitch

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Three appoints MRM McCann to customer experience account

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Save the Children appoints MediaCom North

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Barclays retains BBH


Subway appoints Above and Beyond

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Just Eat appoints McCann’s

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Thinking of asking your incumbent to re-pitch? How likely is it that they’ll win?

Victoria Fox Joins Aar

Victoria Fox to join AAR as CEO

Digital Concept

Drinkaware appoints The Corner

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AAR helps England & Wales Cricket Board find creative and PR agencies for ‘The Hundred’

Linking Entities

Food and travel brands top Q1 new business reviews

Russian Dolls

AAR Seminars: what we’ve covered and what’s coming up

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Boarding the consequences train

Colourful Cogs

Please support NABS at Stranger than Summer and Ride Adland!

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AAR is proud to support the Conscious Advertising Network

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What a night at AAR’s Quiz for NABS!


Six Things To Think About When You Think About Innovation

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Agencies become more selective as pitch market stabilises in 2018

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Lidl appoints Karmarama to UK advertising account

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Insourcing doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself

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Managing disruption calls for creativity, cooperation and better ways of charging

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Babylon Health appoints Karmarama

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Beagle Street appoints Above+Beyond

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Is goodwill really a good thing?

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World Vision appoints VCCP

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Magnet appoints McCann Manchester

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Sustained decline in new business pitches according to latest AAR Q3 figures

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Why CMOs pitch and how they choose the winner

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Build a culture of curiosity to retain clients

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Latest insights on client:agency relationships

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Five signs you may need to re-think your agency model – Vicky Gillan

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AAR New Business Pulse: Q1 2018

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For better, but not for worse: why the client/agency relationship isn’t like a marriage – Vicky Gillan

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What agencies can learn from the tapas revolution – Tony Spong

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What I learned from an hour with Mark Ritson – Robin Charney

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How to get the most out of your pitch process – Alex Young

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Firing your agency? Here’s how to do it properly – Paul Phillips

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AAR New Business Pulse – 2017 Review

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Kerry Glazer becomes President of WACL

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New business market: A half of two quarters – Martin Jones

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17 ways to murder an idea – Vicky Gillan

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Finger on the Pulse – Martin Jones

Money Case

Performance Related Pay is not an incentive – Paul Phillips

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The B-word in modern business – Mark Earls

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Start managing your agency relationship even before the pitch – Kerry Glazer

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7 Tips For CMOs When Calling For The Perfect Pitch – Kerry Glazer

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Breaking the “bad brief” cycle – Vicky Gillan

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Client/Agency Collaboration: Easy To Talk About, Hard To Do – Vicky Gillan

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Digital transformation – putting lipstick on a pig?

Buzzfeed 1200X315 1200X315

“Nobody wants a tweet from their toilet paper” – how we learned the secret to BuzzFeed’s content planning success

Its Not Me 1200X315 1200X315

Ten tell-tale signs it may be time to re-evaluate your agency

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Client/ agency trust issues still threaten marketing’s success – Marketing Week

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