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Identify and appoint the right agency and consultancy partners 

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Finding an agency isn’t difficult. Finding the right one requires a little more finesse, insight and expertise. That’s where AAR’s Agency Selection programme comes in. 

Designed to help brands identify and appoint the right partner agencies and consultancies for their marketing service needs, AAR’s Agency Selection programme is a bespoke pitch consultancy service designed for each brand’s unique circumstances. 

We work to understand your requirements and ambitions, and to meet the required levels of reassurance and governance, meaning you can make informed, confident decisions about the right external partners for you through a purpose-built pitch programme. 

  • A bespoke pitch programme, tailored to your requirements
  • No ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach
  • Discover only the most relevant agencies
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Find the perfect agency for your needs

What are the benefits?


Finesse, insight and expertise

Finding the perfect agency requires a high degree of insight and expertise. It’s possible to run a pitch process yourself, but AAR’s experience as pitch consultants will ensure it’s a better one, for everyone involved.

Saves time and resources

Engaging our expertise and insight will save your CMO, marketing and procurement colleagues time and resources, as well as ensuring you don’t miss out on hidden or unknown gems when it comes to potential agency partners.

Our proprietary GRIP framework

Our Agency Selection programme employs a GRIP framework in which Governance, Reassurance, Insight and Performance are the guardrails that enable informed and confident decisions to be made.

Find your perfect agency partner

AAR relationships last significantly longer than the market average and it’s proven that longer lasting relationships between brands and their agencies engenders better work, that in turn delivers improved business results. 

Get in touch and start the search for your perfect partner.

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