Selecting the perfect PR Agency

Your choice of PR agency can make or break a campaign.
AAR helps you make the right connection.

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Navigate the evolving PR landscape and connect with agencies who deliver inspired thinking and innovative campaigns.

Whether you need a fast turn-around on a project brief or want to build a long-term partnership, selecting the right PR agency is vital to success. In an age of complexity and disruption, impartial advice is more important than ever in creating the agency connections that drive your projects forward.

The PR landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and choosing the right agencies for the job in hand is tougher than ever. Pitching is the lifeblood of any agency, and when the process is managed effectively, is hugely rewarding. Equally, when a pitch process is run badly, it is frustrating and draining for all involved.

In response to these challenges, AAR has partnered with PR industry leader Andrew Bloch to lead our PR Pitch Consultancy offer. There are two ways AAR can help you find your perfect partner:

1. Long-term Partnerships

When you require a long-term retained PR agency to support business objectives, AAR’s extensive industry knowledge will help you select and establish the right agency partners and maximise your marketing ecosystem. We get you to the right partners quickly through our tried and tested search and selection process as well as ensuring you have the best commercial model in place though our extensive data on agency rates:

  • Market mapping
  • Chemistry
  • Pitch
  • Commercial Evaluation

2. Rapid Response Unit

With ever-tightening purse strings and an increasing demand for project-led briefs, our Rapid Response Unit is designed for clients that have project briefs which require a fast turn-around, helping you to make quick decisions with confidence and select an agency in a 24 hour ‘shootout’.

Recent PR projects include:

  • EDF
  • Smart Energy
  • Homebase
  • Lidl
  • Subway
  • Talk Talk

What are the benefits?

We save you time

With a plethora of PR agencies to choose from, we can quickly match you with the agency who can deliver your brief on time and on budget.

We save you money

By vetting candidates in advance, we’ll support you in making the right decision the first-time round.

We save you worrying

We’re experts in the PR agency marketplace, with deep specialist knowledge of industry movers and shakers. We help you look beyond the facade of agency brochures and discover the ideal partner to drive success.

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"I don’t know how anybody appoints an agency without using AAR."

Smart Energy GB

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A unique insight into the PR landscape

AAR has worked with marketing organisations and their external partners for more than four decades, witnessing first-hand how the landscape has evolved. The insights we gain from senior marketers, agency leaders, consultants, innovators and technology specialists give us a rare perspective.

Beyond managing all PR pitches at AAR, Andrew Bloch also takes on a wider remit, encompassing the development of new approaches to supporting both brands and PR consultancies.

An industry stalwart and renowned entrepreneur, Andrew has been the chief PR advisor to Lord Sugar for more than 20 years. He is listed in the PR Week Power Book, 'The Definitive Guide To The Most Influential People in PR’, and is ranked as the most influential PR professional on Twitter.


  • 90% of the relationships we have helped form have lasted more than 7 years.
  • AAR has recently handled successful PR briefs for EDF, Smart Energy, Homebase, Lidl, Subway and Talk Talk.
  • Sharp and studious views on what brands need to do to meet the challenges of the 2020’s.
  • A partnership ethos and rigorous process where we’re with you every step of the way.
  • A delightful bunch of individuals with knowledge and passion to spare.

Start searching for your perfect PR agency

Whether you need a PR agency that can respond confidently in a short period of time, or one that will support your long-term business objectives, AAR is here to help.

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