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Better relationships, better results: equip your teams with the skills & tools to master agency management and deliver better results


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Despite 73% of CMOs recognising the value of long-standing client/agency relationships, the average tenure remains at just 3 to 4 years*. What’s the issue and how can clients be more proactive in managing these relationships?

One key factor lies in clients' behaviour, attitudes, and skills. Like the conductor of an orchestra, clients play a crucial role in setting the tempo and ensuring all deliver exceptional performance. The saying "clients get the work they deserve" continues to ring true, highlighting the importance of client engagement, collaboration, and investment.

The best client/agency relationships thrive on mutual accountability and active participation from both parties. However, many marketers lack formal training in agency management, leading to reactive firefighting, inefficiency and a repetitive blame culture. Clients who prioritise agency management make better decisions, drive better ROI, and ensure effective marketing efforts.

Ready to elevate your team’s agency management skills and hit all the right notes?  Discover how our Upskill programme can help orchestrate success.

* Source: Association of National Advertisers (ANA), American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's), R3 Worldwide

AAR’s three-step approach to better agency management:

  1. Immerse: Understand your brand, agency model and challenges
  2. Attend: Participants attend a half day group training module
  3. Embed: New tools and templates to support behavioural change

We work with B2B & B2C clients, both in the UK & globally

We work virtual-first & in real life, depending on location

We work with all types of briefs, channels & disciplines

We consistently achieve over 90% attendee satisfaction

Why choose AAR to upskill my team?

We’ve walked in your shoes

All AAR trainers have client backgrounds ensuring they have real understanding and experience of the ask, task and challenges your teams face, combined with AAR’s in-depth knowledge of the industry we all serve.

We know what works, and what sticks

Only training that is memorable will stick – we have developed materials and a unique training style that works across all categories, all types of agencies and a range of disciplines, whether creative or media, and B2B or B2C.

We measure ourselves on the outcomes, not the inputs

Training is only effective if it drives real change; our combined package of group training AND follow up wash up session are a real game changer in delivering genuine behavioural change and commercial success.


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AAR crafted three modules for us, including Agency Management. The process was seamless; drawing from their extensive experience to meet our specific needs, providing bespoke programmes that resonated with our marketing teams and challenges. The focus on fostering a learning culture, prioritising continuous improvement over blame, has equipped us with the tools and mindset necessary for effectively managing our agencies for success.

Marketing Controller, UK Retailer

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Long standing partnerships drive better results

Ready to fine-tune your team’s agency management skills and hit all the right notes? Discover how our AAR Upskill training can help orchestrate success.

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