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Identifying skills for future growth

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Tap into the true potential of your existing marketing ecosystem, and pinpoint areas for growth with AAR’s Capability Mapping service. 

Marketing capability mapping enables you to truly understand the skills and marketing capabilities that currently exist within your marketing ecosystem and what skills are missing to deliver growth. All of the elements of your ecosystem need to work effectively together to maximise potential, and understanding the extent of current capabilities across both inhouse teams and external partners is crucial. 

AAR’s Capability Mapping is the most efficient way to identify gaps, overlaps and the skills required for future growth. It’s an invaluable tool for CMOs, procurement leaders or other senior marketers looking to establish a marketing capability model and gather insight into their current ecosystem.

Typical questions we answer with Capability Mapping include:

  • What capabilities do I have within my marketing and agency teams, and is the balance right?
  • What capabilities are missing that I need to deliver against my marketing strategy?
  • Do I have capability overlap within my agency partners, and is there an opportunity to rationalise?

What are the benefits?

Holistic overview

AAR’s Capability Mapping provides a holistic understanding of the current state of play, allowing brands to align on areas for development, and achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness across their entire ecosystem.

External perspective

By engaging AAR, brands receive an external and impartial perspective that is invaluable to effective and insightful capability mapping. 

Ready to start mapping?

In AAR’s Design practice, we audit, diagnose and improve marketing ecosystems by assessing people, partners, process and platforms and ensuring you have the right mix of internal and external capabilities doing the right work, in the right way for best value. ​ 

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