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Set the right commercial and contractual agreements for your agency partnerships

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Ensure solid foundations for the future by setting the right commercial and contractual arrangements at the start of the relationship with your agencies.

AAR’s Commercial Analysis and Negotiation offers brands the chance to discuss the commercial options open to them, agree on the scope of the brief for their agency partners and set the stage for an effective and productive relationship. 

We request a comprehensive suite of information from your agency including agency hourly rates, team resource, profile and time allocation, transition planning, project management and delivery, conflict resolution, time and production reconciliation and contractual support. 

By leaving no stone unturned, our analysis provides the right level of management information for full negotiations to commence with the preferred pitching agency.

  • Commence negotiations fully informed
  • Explore the commercial options available to you
  • Form the foundations of a positive relationship

What are the benefits?


Expert advice

Brands can benefit from up to the minute knowledge and advice on what makes for a successful commercial arrangement.

Business support

This service is particularly valuable for marketers lacking recent experience of negotiating commercial arrangements with newly appointed agencies. For businesses without specialist procurement, it supplements this expertise. For those with procurement, it acts as a support.

Saves time and money

Engaging our expertise and insight will save your CMO or marketing and procurement colleagues time, money and resources.

Putting the foundations in place

Agreeing the right commercial arrangements at the start of a new relationship will ensure solid foundations for the future. AAR relationships last significantly longer than the market average and it’s proven that longer lasting relationships between brands and their agencies engenders better work, that in turn delivers improved business results.

To start laying those foundations, get in touch. 

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