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Assess your first 100 days+ of change and ensure you’re set up for future success

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Assess how your new marketing ecosystem is performing, and evaluate what’s working well and what can be improved with AAR’s Health Check.

Once you’ve delivered change in your ecosystem with new people, partners, process or platforms, it’s essential to take a breath to evaluate how well this change is delivering against your original intent and ambition at the appointment stage. What’s working well, what needs to change, and what’s not fully materialised? Are you set up for business success?

These need to be evaluated across all stakeholders and partners, reflecting on the first 100 days+ of the new ecosystem, and new partners. From that, AAR can recommend what needs to be addressed to deliver against the agreed vision and roadmap.

How does AAR’s Health Check work?

This review pinpoints the realities versus expectations, against the intent and ambitions of the marketing transformation you’ve delivered. There is a specific focus on the original objectives. The Health Check should be conducted at a key milestone, such as after the first 100 days or after the first significant projects have concluded.

We will help decide what to track using our end-to-end ways of working ‘WOW HOW’ menu of common areas, to fast track discussions and then refine to suit your needs when it comes to scope, scale and pace.

The insights and findings from this review can then be used to deliver an informed, mutual picture that:

  • Recognises wins and successes
  • Flags areas that need addressing
  • Recommends the right development plan
  • Shapes and drives the right SLA’s and KPI’s to increase performance

What are the benefits?

An objective diagnostic tool

Enabling you to get to the root causes of issues fast and build on strengths to maximise performance.

Saves time and money

By engaging AAR, you’ll receive expert insight, along with an actionable plan for improvement - saving you time, money, and resources. The online survey also takes an average of just 20 minutes to complete.

External perspective

By engaging AAR, brands receive an external and impartial perspective that is invaluable to developing an effective, optimised model.

Facilitates positive change

A clear means for setting smart SLAs and working alongside procurement to an agreed agenda. The Health Check comes with a perspective, comparing your results to other clients and agencies or in-house agency teams in their first year, and tapping into learnings using our AAR benchmark data.

Track and measure success

Interested in checking whether your new ecosystem is set up for success, with the right change happening at pace with minimal day-to-day distractions to your teams? Call us for a chat about Health Check.

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