Auditing Your Marketing Ecosystem

Evaluating capabilities against strategic objectives 

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Evaluate opportunities for success and innovation against your strategic objectives with AAR’s marketing ecosystem audit. 

AAR’s Marketing Ecosystem Audit offers holistic insight into your current capabilities across your people, partners, processes and platforms. We use this to help you uncover current challenges, gaps and overlaps, and tap into opportunities for success. 

Through a rigorous process of discovery, design and deployment, AAR works with your key stakeholders to dig beneath the surface and pinpoint the best opportunities for improvement. By measuring and monitoring current capabilities - both internal and external - and understanding how well your existing ecosystem is designed to achieve your wider business goals, AAR provides an impartial and invaluable audit to help map out steps for positive change. 

Some typical questions we answer in a marketing ecosystem audit include:

  • What are my current capabilities internally versus externally, and is the balance right?
  • How many agencies do I have within my ecosystem, and what is their role?
  • Are there any quick win opportunities to drive efficiency and effectiveness?
  • What’s the ‘outside-in’ perspective: How are other brands tackling similar challenges to mine?

We audit brands’ ability to engineer Creative Capital across the ecosystem:


  • People: what are their attitudes, motivation, level of empowerment?
  • Process: do these enable creativity or are there barriers in ways of working? What works smoothly and where are the barriers?
  • Platforms: are you realising value and enhancing creativity via the right martech? Is adoption and capability at the right level to do this?
  • Partners: do they accelerate and add to Creative Capital? Is the relationship functioning well on all dimensions?
  • Environment: what role does this play in enhancing or detracting from creativity?
  • Culture: how can we define the culture and how does this drive increased creativity – or not?

What are the benefits?


Holistic overview

An AAR Marketing Ecosystem Audit provides a holistic understanding of the current state of play, allowing brands to align on areas for development and achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness across their entire ecosystem.


External perspective

By engaging AAR, brands receive an external and impartial perspective that is invaluable to an effective and insightful marketing ecosystem audit. 

Start your Ecosystem Audit

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