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Ensure your external agency capabilities align with your wider business and marketing objectives with AAR’s Agency Model Design service.

External agencies are a vital part of your marketing ecosystem, and it’s crucial that capabilities and outputs are closely aligned to core marketing goals. AAR offers our Agency Model Design service to CMOs, procurement leaders and senior marketers to help audit, diagnose and recommend the best agency model to meet your marketing requirements.

We work with you to understand how your agencies are currently working across the key functional areas of your marketing output, expose any gaps or overlaps in agency capabilities and recommend the right model to elevate your ecosystem.  

Typical questions addressed by our Agency Model Design offering are:

  • Do I have the right kinds of agencies doing the right kind of work in my agency model?
  • Is there an overlap in production and capabilities, and can we optimise?
  • Should I bring creative and media together?
  • Do I have too many or too few agencies and are there gaps in my roster?
  • Am I getting good value from my agencies?
  • How can I ensure my agencies work together effectively to develop fully integrated work?
  • What is the right blend of inhouse versus onshore/ nearshore/ offshore?

What are the benefits?


Deliver efficient marketing

A new agency model aligned to your marketing strategy will enable your teams to plan and deliver more effective and efficient marketing with the right agencies, doing the right work, in the right way and at the right price. 

External perspective

Working with AAR, brands receive an external and impartial perspective that is invaluable to developing an effective, optimised agency model.

Design your optimum model

In AAR’s Design practice, we audit, diagnose and elevate your marketing ecosystem by assessing people, partners, process and platforms, and by ensuring you have the right mix of internal and external capabilities doing the right work, in the right way.

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