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Evaluating Client: Agency relationships is the best guarantee of delivering effective work

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Evaluate how your Client: Agency relationships are performing in an easy, mutually beneficial way with our suite of online assessment tools.  

At key points in a client: agency relationship, and on an annual basis, it’s crucial to take a step back and review what’s working well, and where improvements can be made. But evaluating an agency can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. 

AAR offers our Agency Evaluation service as a convenient solution. You can take advantage of our online assessment tools to review agency relationships and outputs, and receive pinpoint recommendations to improve performance quickly and effectively. 

Crucially, our Agency Evaluation is mutual and highlights strengths and areas to improve both within the client and within the agency.

What does AAR’s Agency Evaluation involve?

AAR’s Agency Evaluation is a highly diagnostic deep-dive audit, providing an objective assessment of crucial capabilities and behaviours that drive performance and enable client: agency relationships to thrive. It offers CMOs and other senior marketers a range of benefits, including:

A deep dive into crucial areas of efficiency

Using AAR’s 45 years of experience, this review explores the vital areas of a relationship that affect output and outcomes, providing invaluable insights and market index for actionable change. 

A versatile and flexible solution

Whatever the stage of your relationship, AAR’s Agency Evaluation can be delivered from year one onwards. It works across all communications disciplines, scopes of work and global locations, and can be applied to individual agencies or groups within a wider ecosystem, whether project based or retained.

An ongoing or ad-hoc service

The review can be undertaken as a one-off project triggered by change or short-term need, or as an ongoing annual review or MOT programme to hone a strategically critical relationship worthy of consistent investment. 

A dashboard report of actionable recommendations 

The result of the tool is a dashboard report of MI, enabling strengths, issues and development areas to be identified, blocks and barriers to be flagged, and the right solutions recommended for actionable next steps.

  • A diagnostic approach that gets to the real issues, fast
  • Accessible online tools
  • Focused interviews
  • Time efficient for clients and agencies
  • A clear pointer to improvement
  • Differentiate between quick wins and longer-term changes
  • Focused, mutual action plan
  • Capitalise on opportunities and fix emerging issues

How brands benefit from AAR’s Agency Evaluation


  • We bring clarity as to why something isn’t working, or how performance can be enhanced 
  • We make clear, specific recommendations that deliver and are wholeheartedly linked to your ambition to drive better outputs and outcomes 
  • We know the best clients acknowledge they have a clear role in getting the best work: we do too. This is why our approach elevates mutuality throughout
  • If a relationship isn’t quite working optimally, it’s always faster, cheaper and - we would argue - better to resolve the issues than go to pitch. Especially if the root causes haven’t been clearly identified and are just waiting to repeat themselves
  • This process is fast. It takes just 6 weeks from kick off to debrief (for a single agency review) 

Could things be better?

Feedback is a gift. But only if it’s constructive, thorough, sharp and pointy in the right places. We have been delivering deep dive annual review programmes for over 10 years, providing AAR’s insights as to why relationships fail into useful programmes to keep performance high, and always continuously improving. 

If you feel things could be better, then come and have a chat about how our Agency Evaluation service can help.  

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