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Explore the market, find new partners to work with and populate your marketing ecosystem with the right capabilities with AAR’s Build practice.

How do your existing external partners stack up? Could you be getting more out of them? If there are clear inadequacies, do you need direct replacements or look to be inspired by the art of the possible? As well as there being countless agencies to choose from, there is an increasing wealth of non-obvious solutions, from individuals, to communities and micro-organisations.

You need to decide where you’re going to start first. Do you have the capacity to tackle more than one layer simultaneously? Will you prioritise those areas likely to have the greatest long-term impact; those where there are the most obvious duplications and redundancies; or those which seem quicker to fix? These are the questions AAR’s Build service enables you to answer.

We help you to assess, identify, and appoint the right agency partners for you, along with the processes, people and technologies to support and manage them. Our Build practice comprises the following services:

"AAR are a great source of intelligence for different agency markets and models. They provide an independent view / benchmark to ensure our business is getting value for money and help us shape the strategy to extract the best value that we can."

  • Senior Procurement Manager, The Co-op

AAR's Build services

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Market Exploration

Identify candidate agencies and consultancies

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Agency Pitch & Selection

Appoint the right agency and consultancy partners

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Digital Agency Selection

Connect with new digital thinking 

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Rapid Response PR Agency Selection

Make the right connection, fast

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Commercial Analysis & Negotiation

Set the right commercial and contractual agreements for your agency partnerships

Ready to build your ecosystem?

Our Build practice gives you greater flexibility to dial things up or down as required, and provides access to specialist resources to help you select and establish the right agency partners to meet the needs identified as a result of the Design phase.

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