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We help agencies to improve their performance during and beyond the pitch process.

We work with a wide range of marketing, communications and procurement clients, advising them on their agency selection processes and the management of their relationships, helping them get the best out of their agency partners.

We see at first-hand the reasons why clients choose some agencies and reject others, and why some relationships are successful and others aren’t. This gives us a valuable perspective that can help you manage and grow your agency business.

Subscription to AAR gives you access to a wide range of benefits and services that will help you succeed in new business and with your existing clients.

"They are great collaborators who helped us cut through the word-soup of agency selling and tangibly reenergised our conversations with new clients."

  • Havas

Subscribing to AAR means you have access to a number of benefits and services

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Context is everything

Our consultants help agencies in two main ways:

  • They understand the sector you operate in as well as your competitors, both existing and newly emerging. They can provide valuable insight, aimed at helping you compete for new business and develop existing relationships more effectively.
  • They also understand the lifecycle of agencies and how to navigate the challenges you face as you grow as a business.

By tapping into AAR’s unique knowledge of the market, you’ll be able to access a valuable resource for your agency to be more competitive and stronger as a business going forward.

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Winning new business

To complement our consultancy services, we have created a range of training modules that ‘package up’ our knowledge for the wider ‘pitch squad’ within your agency. So, whether participants are new to new business or experienced, these training sessions offer a blend of theory and practice that will make your agency stand out from its competitors.

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Retaining client business

As retention and organic growth of business from existing clients becomes increasingly important, we have a wealth of insights, the tools to help diagnose the strength of your client relationship and the ability to benchmark yourselves with your peer group.

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A strong agency community is an essential part of a healthy and successful marketing ecosystem. We invest a significant amount of time in understanding what is working and what is not working, so we can identify and resolve these performance issues through discussion and debate in our one-on-one sessions, at our Town Halls or set about resolving them through our continuous seminar programme.

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