What is Creative Capital? 

What do we mean by Creative Capital? Quite simply: the extent to which the ecosystem is fine-tuned to deliver more Creative outcomes more frequently. 

This isn’t something that can be wished into place - it’s a critical asset to growth, and has an impact on the whole marketing ecosystem, across an organisation's people, processes, partners and platforms. 

What is the Creative Capital Manifesto?

The Creative Capital Manifesto is a new report designed to help CMOs and senior marketers understand and cultivate ‘Creative Capital’ in their organisations - by engineering the right conditions across the marketing ecosystem to unlock greater Creativity on a sustained basis.

Our recent research amongst CMOs showed that despite 74% of businesses identifying creativity as being key to business growth, only 20% said their organisation was highly focused on engineering the right conditions for Creativity to flourish, and 33% said the subject was rarely or never debated.

The Creative Capital Manifesto aims to help organisations change this.

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Creativity is much more than the advertising campaign, it is the application of lateral thinking and a creative mindset to solve business challenges

Victoria Fox, AAR CEO

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The Creative Capital Manifesto Round Table Debate 

The Manifesto was launched at a round table/panel debate hosted by Creative Salon, consisting of a panel of industry-leading CMOs and marketers. Some of the key challenges they identified and explored included:

  • Not having enough time to nurture Creative Capital
  • The ability to measure the commercial impact of their Creativity
  • The importance of culture and mindset as a condition for nurturing Creative Capital

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