Agency fee benchmarking

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How competitive are your hourly rates?


Drawing on a combination of AAR’s unique and extensive database of agency rate cards and what we learn from our regular review of agency remuneration proposals, we can give you an informed and contemporary perspective on what constitutes a fair fee for the scope of work asked of you by your clients.

Our data points deliver hourly rate high/low ranges, broken down by communications discipline, agency size, job title and function and seniority.

We can help you understand how competitive your hourly rates are, and assess the size and profile of the agency resource against the scope of work. We can also recommend or evaluate existing performance related pay schemes and give you an informed view on whether you are undercharging or overcharging for your Overhead Recovery Rate.

We’ll tell you when your client is not paying enough for the services that they are receiving and when you are charging too much.

"Your objectivity, considerable experience and constructive ‘bedside manner’ led to an outcome that was regarded as fair and positive by all parties."

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