Designing your Marketing Operating Model

Ensuring your marketing function is future fit

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Ensure your marketing function is future fit with AAR’s Operating Model Design service.

The marketing function is evolving quickly, and it’s never been more important to ensure that team organisation is agile and able to evolve at the necessary pace in line with business and customer needs. AAR works with CMOs, procurement leaders and senior marketers to help design a marketing operating model that ensures a business has the right capabilities, organised in the right way. 

Typical questions we address during an Operating Model Design project are:

  • Are my marketing teams organised in the right way to best serve customers?
  • What is the right marketing function for my organisation?
  • What capabilities does my marketing team need to drive business growth?
  • What are the right processes for the marketing team and their agencies to follow to deliver effectively?
  • What tools and technologies should be used to facilitate efficient marketing operations?

What are the benefits? 

Support your business strategy

A new marketing operating model design will help elevate your marketing team by ensuring you have the right functional design to support your marketing and business strategy.

External perspective

AAR offers brands an external and impartial perspective that is invaluable to developing an effective, optimised operating model.

Design your operating model

In AAR’s Design practice, we audit, diagnose and improve your marketing ecosystem by assessing people, partners, process and platforms, and by ensuring you have the right mix of internal and external capabilities doing the right work, in the right way.

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