Who We Are

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We believe in Creative Capital

New perspectives and ideas make for better outcomes. That’s why we believe creative capital is the most valuable asset for driving growth

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Seeking new perspectives

Every year we have a huge number of conversations with senior marketers, agency leaders, consultants, innovators and technology specialists to bring new perspectives to your challenges

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Industry Experts

We are a multi-discipline team of consultants who have strong and well-informed views on what brands need to do to face down the challenges of the 2020’s, to better connect their businesses to their customers, and to drive growth

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Reputation for excellence

We’re proud that much of the business we receive comes from referrals given by satisfied clients

Our Team

We see things from a unique perspective. Clients and agencies are not the same. They are driven by different objectives and work in different ways.

Vfox Portrait Bx2

Victoria Fox


Kglazer Portrait Bx2

Kerry Glazer


Pphillips Portraitx2

Paul Phillips

Managing Director

Mjones Portraitx2

Martin Jones

Lead Consultant, Build

Mfarrell Portraitx2

Maria Farrell

Chief Commercial Officer


George Porteous

Chief Strategy Officer

Vgillan Portrait Bx2

Vicky Gillan

Lead Consultant, Drive

Tspong Portraitx2

Tony Spong

Lead Consultant, Grow

Abloch Portraitx2

Andrew Bloch

Lead Consultant, PR

Rcharney Portraitx2

Robin Charney

Lead Consultant, Design


Rebecca Nunneley

Lead Consultant, Build

Alex Steele Headshot

Alex Steele

Lead Consultant, Drive

Klaw Portraitx2

Katrina Law

Business Manager

Kdonaldson Portraitx2

Kate Donaldson

Business Manager

Meg Headshot

Meg Colborne

Junior Business Manager

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