AAR Seminars: what we’ve covered and what’s coming up

08 Apr 2019

Our seminar programme for subscribing agencies is designed to offer fresh perspectives on a range of things from new business skills, growing existing client relationships, personal development and dissecting hot topics of the day. So if you feel yourself saying ‘Great session, wish it could have been longer’ then get in touch with the speakers directly or through us, as in 3 hours we can give you a very good taster but clearly not go to the depths any individual agency may need.

As a quick reminder, so far in 2019 we’ve had:

  • Tessa Morton on presentation skills
  • Paul Burns on putting curiosity at the heart of account management
  • Abigail Dixon sharing her client side experience on how agencies can best support the strategic planning process
  • Carol Lowe and Emma Shelton-Smith on developing leadership skills

Coming up over the next couple of months we have:

  • 15 May – Martin Thomas reviewing what we’ve learned about social media as a marketing tool for agencies
  • 22 May  – Gareth Turner, another client side marketer keen to help agencies turn account management from something often viewed as a cost into an asset
  • 12 June – Tim Smale talking about why, when your client calls a pitch, changing the team’s mindset is crucial to retaining the business

Thanks again for all your feedback so far – it’s great to see so many positive comments!

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