AAR’s In-Housing Playbook: Busting the Biggest Myths of In-Housing

13 Dec 2022

AAR’s latest report, the In-Housing Playbook, breaks down some of the most common myths and misconceptions about in-housing. Created by the experts at AAR, this is a must-read for any marketer who has (or is considering having) in-housing as part of their marketing ecosystem.

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With in-housing continuing to thrive as part of the agency model mix, senior marketers are increasingly keen to explore how in-housing can enhance their marketing function. However, while in-housing is on the rise, so too are the myths surrounding it. 

In-housing has become a crucial area of focus for many businesses, but research from AAR’s Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint found that many CMOs who moved part of their ecosystem in-house were considering moving some or all aspects of their model externally again.

While the picture is complex, the myths and misconceptions of in-housing can make it more challenging than it should be, or prevent in-house teams from reaching their full potential. 

But what are these myths? How can brands sort fact from fiction? What can senior marketers do to ensure they in-house the right capabilities, in the right way, to drive performance and efficiency? 

These are the questions that AAR’s new In-Housing Playbook aims to answer.

To create the Playbook, AAR has combined insights from a range of sources and datasets with quantitative and qualitative insights from over 100 CMOs and in-house agency leaders. 

The result is a thorough exploration of in-housing’s place in the modern marketing ecosystem, which provides senior marketers with a deeper understanding of the myths surrounding in-housing, alongside actionable advice and strategies they can use to overcome these misconceptions and get the most out of their teams. 

The vast majority of marketers who work in-house  - whether they have done so for a long time or recently made a successful move to the model - tend to become converts as they start to experience the benefits that in-housing can bring and understand its potential. However, it is also the case that misconceptions around in-housing may be preventing some senior marketers from exploring the option fully - or at all.

By exploring provocations such as “no great creative work gets made in-house” and “clients are only attracted to in-housing because it’s cheap”, the Playbook delves into a broad spectrum of concerns and biases. While shining a light on the widespread nature of these misconceptions, we also make use of insights and data that demonstrates just how different the reality of effective in-housing can be. 

Download the Playbook to discover:

  • Why in-housing is such an important topic at the moment
  • Quantitative and qualitative data on in-housing, from a variety of sources
  • Deep dives into five of the most common myths surrounding in-housing
  • Insight on where these myths come from, and the impact they can have on the marketing ecosystem
  • Practical tips and advice on how to overcome these myths, for CMOs and in-house leaders

Click below to discover our essential guide to overcoming common challenges for organisations currently (or considering) running an in-house agency, studio, or team.

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