What is the Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint? 

In an age of continuous disruption where businesses must innovate fast, marketing operations are more important to organisational success than ever before. What should a modern marketing ecosystem look like; is there a blueprint to set brands up for success?

The Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint explores this in the form of a comprehensive report, combining interviews with marketing leaders from BT, TSB, Molson Coors and Nomad Foods with a landmark study of over 100 CMOs, to paint a picture of how brands are thinking about and approaching their marketing ecosystems. 


What topics are covered in the Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint? 

  • How do I effectively manage change and build the right culture?
  • How do I build a vision for marketing that the organisation can get behind?
  • What’s the best organisational structure?
  • Should I in-house or not? (The in-housing trend is set to continue, but a surprising 60% of CMOs plan to outsource some of what they brought in-house)
  • How do I find the right talent?
  • How do I find and manage the best agency partners?
  • How should I sweat the process? (75% of CMOs identify processes as inhibiting effectiveness and how they overcome this)
  • How do I win the martech race? (66% of CMOs are reviewing their platforms to address their biggest concern – keeping up with digital change)


Want to know more? 

You can download the report via the link above for free - and if you'd like to know more about the report, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via our contact page

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