Thinkbox appoints Mother to creative account

19 Jul 2019

Finding a creative agency to promote the benefits of television advertising has to be one of the most daunting and rewarding projects we’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. Whilst it was important that the pitching agencies had chemistry with the team at Thinkbox, this was one of the rare occasions where the main point of the review was to find the creative idea…..a world class TV campaign that would get the public talking and engaged.

Following a series of Chemistry Meetings, we ended up with our own version of the Champions League Semi Final involving four of the strongest agencies slugging it out, with Mother finally picking up the winner’s trophy, and we all look forward to seeing the results….probably around Christmas time.

Commenting on the review Andrew MacGillivray, Marketing Director at Thinkbox, said:

“Brilliantly informed, wise, efficient and charming; the AAR have been a real pleasure to work with. In helping us find a new creative agency partner, they were absolutely focused on finding the right cultural fit for us, as well as the creative excellence we need. Their advice has been invaluable: guiding us through the process, taking care of all the logistics, helping us to play our part well, and – having their finger on the pulse of the industry – unearthing possibilities that just wouldn’t have occurred to us. They have turned the frankly terrifying task of finding a new creative partner into a fascinating, enjoyable and rewarding experience. We’re very grateful for their help.”

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