Zoopla appoints Essence

01 Jun 2020

Like many businesses, Zoopla has been moving to a full funnel approach to marketing and communications, and wanted to ensure they had a media agency partner that would accelerate this change in approach.

The agency landscape is not short of hand-raisers, whatever the question, and our job was to cut through to those that not only had the necessary expertise, but equally important for Zoopla, would be a good fit with the team and other agency partners.

A key requirement was an agency’s proven capability and expertise in data driven and informed media thinking and execution. Zoopla is a marketplace that services two connected audiences, sellers/landlords and buyers/renters and experience of other marketplace businesses was critical.

This meant that the candidate list of agencies was relatively short, and as such, Zoopla was able to spend more time focused on a genuine understanding of each agency’s capabilities, beyond the superficiality of a case study. There was a chance for better engagement with agency team members that, if successful, would be working on the account.

Among stiff competition (isn’t it always), Essence proved themselves to be the team and the agency that Zoopla felt will be the right partner.

Commenting on the review, Richard Houston – Zoopla’s Head of Consumer Marketing said:

“The point about experts is that they know more than you do, and this is no less true when it comes to pitching your business.

Having just completed a review of our media agency arrangements I’m pleased that we chose to work with AAR, the experts.

We knew what we were doing, and they made it better.”

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