AAR Unveils The Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint

17 Mar 2022

In an age of continuous disruption where businesses must innovate fast, marketing operations are more important to organisational success than ever before. What should a modern marketing ecosystem look like; is there a blueprint to set brands up for success?

This is the question AAR set out to answer with The Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint: the new report created in collaboration with The Drum. The report launches on the 17th March 2022, with a webinar hosted by AAR’s George Porteous, Robin Charney and Victoria Fox; the report is available now to download for free via the Drum’s website, and the webinar can be viewed here. 

What is the Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint? 

CMOs are facing countless ecosystem challenges, from curating the right culture and creating the perfect blend of in-house and outsourced capabilities, to building a vision for marketing that the wider organisation can get behind. To tackle these issues and capitalise on emerging opportunities, insight into how other marketing leaders are thinking and working is invaluable. 

The Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint provides this in the form of a comprehensive report, combining interviews with marketing leaders from BT, TSB, Molson Coors and Nomad Foods with a landmark study of over 100 CMOs to paint a picture of how brands are thinking about and approaching their marketing ecosystems. 

This blend of qualitative and quantitative research provides a holistic view of the issues and challenges of modern ecosystem design, exploring both the personal reflections of marketing leaders with survey statistics to provide a barometer for how senior marketers are currently thinking about and working on their ecosystems and operations. 

What topics are covered in the Marketing Ecosystem Blueprint? 

With the pace of change increasing exponentially, CMOs are having to navigate an ever-evolving marketing landscape. The report covers a wide spectrum of core challenges and opportunities; the survey data collected was extensive, and gathered insights on a wide range of topics including:

  • How do I effectively manage change and build the right culture?
  • How do I build a vision for marketing that the organisation can get behind?
  • What’s the best organisational structure?
  • Should I in-house or not? (The in-housing trend is set to continue, but a surprising 60% of CMOs plan to outsource some of what they brought in-house)
  • How do I find the right talent?
  • How do I find and manage the best agency partners?
  • How should I sweat the process? (75% of CMOs identify processes as inhibiting effectiveness and how they overcome this)
  • How do I win the martech race? (66% of CMOs are reviewing their platforms to address their biggest concern – keeping up with digital change)

Download the Marketing Ecosystem Report

The report is available to download for free now. For more information about the report, or if you’d like to talk to AAR about your own marketing ecosystem challenges, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us here


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