Benchmarking People, Production, Performance

Identifying where efficiency improvements can be made for brands and agencies

Not so long ago, when agencies were challenged to be ‘faster, cheaper or better’, it was customary for them to ask the senior client which of those was the priority. Not anymore. Now the challenge is proving you are delivering against all three in a way that convinces all marketing stakeholders, including the Board, who often just see a large cost line and opportunity.

AAR has been busy behind the scenes helping clients and agencies faced with these challenges who wanted new, evidence-based options that delivered against their tasks and didn’t distract from their objectives.

When probing how we could help, time and again CMO’s and agency leaders shared their frustration that, in the absence of a more appropriate approach, calling a pitch was used to address these issues.

Both CMO’s and agency leaders accepted that, at best, this would only reveal a partial answer to the big questions. And, at its worst, is a waste of good people’s time, energy and focus. We agree. That’s where we can help with the AAR Benchmark Audit - benchmarking people, production and performance.

There are three aspects to the Audit that can be procured separately or in combination, depending on your clients’ requirements and what you are looking to measure.

Areas Covered

Benchmarking People Image

Benchmarking People

Measures an agency’s hourly rate card against the market, using AAR’s comprehensive database of agency hourly rates.

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Benchmarking Production

Assesses the cost efficiency of an agency’s production across third party suppliers, processes and costs, measured against an industry acknowledged, best practice framework and our benchmarked data.

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Benchmarking Performance

Assesses to what extent you and your client are working in the most efficient way you can to deliver against the agreed scope of work overall, or against a specific factor.

The Output

  • Providing a fact base that enables clear and focussed recommendations of where efficiencies and improvements can be applied, as a result of an evidence‑based examination.
  • Time - saves you time by identifying how and where you can improve your working practices.
  • Money - saves you money by eliminating current inefficiencies and recommending the better approach.
  • Performance - improves the working relationship between you and your agency by ensuring the question of efficiency and cost competitiveness are answered and addressed.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in knowing more, get in touch with Vicky to discuss how we might be able to help you and your clients get the facts.

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