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AAR’s Commercial Review helps you run a critical eye over commercial and contractual arrangements with your external partners, and provides an evidence based approach to address current questions and future challenges.

For senior marketers looking to assess and benchmark ecosystem costs, AAR’s Commercial Review is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get to an informed position and clear recommendation for change.

We know it can be challenging to get impartial, objective benchmarking of any commercial position; whether it be hourly rates, cost-efficiency of production or assessing duplication of scope. It can feel like the only way to gather the information is with a lengthy pitch process, which is often not the solution and only masks the real questions. 

AAR is at the forefront of debate about payment models within the industry and has a unique database refreshed every two years of cross discipline roles and hourly rates, relevant for both outsourced and in-house agency set ups. We are experts in benchmarking input, output and outcome pricing models and translating that knowledge into contract best practice.

Our consultancy is flexible and can cover analysis of one, two or all three of the elements above to address your commercial conundrums. 

What are the benefits?


Evidence-based results

We provide a fact base that enables clear and focused recommendations of where efficiencies and improvements can be applied, as a result of an evidence-based examination.

Improve your marketing performance

Improves the working relationship between you and your agency by ensuring the question of efficiency and cost competitiveness are answered and addressed.

Introduce innovative models

Find new and more effective ways to incentivise performance with AAR’s expert help and our knowledge of a wide range of emergent commercial models.

Improve your commercial rigour 

The evidence that longer working relationships between brands and their agency partners are based on mutual commercial transparency and fairness is unquestionable. AAR’s Commercial Review delivers a critical analysis that enables your commercial model to be reviewed objectively and clear recommendations made using evidence, not opinion.

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