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Embedding changes to an ecosystem can be challenging. Ensure things work effectively from day one, with AAR’s Embedding service.

Ensuring that changes to a marketing ecosystem are productive, positive, efficient and impactful is crucial. It’s vital to get things right as early as possible and to plan to hit the ground running, whether you are making significant changes to your people, partners, process or your platforms. AAR’s Embedding service covers early onboarding, ‘blind spot’ workshops, creating one team/ one agenda roadmaps and running regular check-ins to track progress.

We recommend the right level of Embedding for you depending on the degree of change, degree of complexity, business risk and the commercial impact the programme is expected to realise. We listen to and explore your business needs, before diagnosing the right approach for you. 

Critical to our approach is the AAR diagnosis stage. We listen, probe and explore the specific business needs before recommending the right approach, given the degree of risk and desired contribution to transformation targets. 


Onboarding a new Agency?

From the off, when you’re onboarding a new agency, there’s a pressure to hit the ground running. Whether it's an in-house or external agency, you and your agency partner will want to deliver quickly, to work collaboratively and seamlessly and, most importantly, to start delivering something.

In the initial stages of a relationship - those crucial first 10 days - AAR helps you with your agency onboarding by shining an informed light on what makes a real difference in those pivotal first stages of a new client: agency relationship. 

We help clients to onboard agencies by:

  • Providing a ‘best practice’ crash course
  • Mapping out necessary ‘meet and greets’
  • Helping brands form the right initial roadmap
  • Ensuring everything is aligned to the right goals
  • Holding a workshop to eliminate blind spots

What are the business benefits?

Focused, dedicated support

Focused, experienced support to fast track change in the right way for your business challenges. 

Cost effective

Means of extending beyond your FTEs, adding to your team at a lower cost than hiring permanently, and saving you time and energy to focus on what matters most.

Knowledge investment 

Training and coaching for future agency or ecosystem changes, and knowledge growth which can be applied to embedding all future relationships.


Don’t leave change to chance

Embedding change is hard. Especially when the opportunity to get it right could have transformational benefits. Conversely, get it wrong and you don’t realise the commercial benefits. 

If you’re redesigning your ecosystem or changing how you work with agency partners, don’t leave change to chance. Call us for a chat about how we can help decrease risk and increase your chance of success.


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