What is the Burning Platforms report?

This report, from AAR and The Drum, combines quantitative insights from a UK study with 100 senior marketers and qualitative interviews with CMOs from BT, Halfords, HSBC, M&S, Samsung and Tesco, to create the industry’s temperature check on the concerns and challenges within a brand’s marketing ecosystem, and provide insight into how they are making changes to address their ‘burning platforms’ to deliver growth.   

What are the ‘burning platforms’ covered in the report?

As the foundation for this piece of research, we asked 100 UK senior marketers/CMOs to rank the top ‘burning platforms’ currently keeping them awake at night. Here’s what it showed:  

  1. Finding GROWTH in an uncertain economic environment                            

  2. Keeping up with the SPEED of change                                          

  3. The practical uses of AI to improve marketing and creativity                            

  4. Quality of CREATIVITY – craft, innovation and inventiveness                            

  5. Getting the most VALUE from martech investments                                          

  6. TALENT – capabilities, skills and organisation of people and teams              

  7. ROI and effectiveness of marketing spend – proving value to the board

Discover how a more agile, integrated approach to the design of the marketing ecosystem is key to addressing these challenges, and to achieving business-critical marketing goals in an uncertain, and ever-changing, economic environment.  

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The successful delivery of a marketing strategy is underpinned by a high-performing marketing operating model. If it’s sub-optimal, the marketing strategy cannot be delivered effectively.

Robin Charney, Partner, AAR

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Want to know more? 

You can download the report at the top of this page - and if you'd like to know more about the report, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via our contact page

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