Populating your ecosystem with the right partners

How do your existing external partners stack up? Could you be better getting more out of them? If there are clear inadequacies, do you need direct replacements or seek to be inspired by the art of the possible? Be open-minded; as well as the plethora of agencies to choose from, there is an increasing wealth of non-obvious solutions, from individuals to communities and micro-organisations.

You need to decide where you’re going to start first. Do you have the capacity to tackle more than one layer simultaneously? Will you prioritise those areas likely to have the greatest long-term impact; those where there are the most obvious duplications and redundancies; or those which seem quicker to fix?

Equally, if you are looking to invest in developing your in-house capabilities, what new resources and skills do you need? Remember you’ll also need processes, people and technologies to support and manage them. It may be that in-sourcing provides a better answer, short- or long-term. It gives you greater flexibility to dial things up or down as required. It can also give you access to specialist resource that doesn’t have to be permanently on-site but can be called in from the partner when needed.

AAR will help you select and establish the right agency partners to meet the needs identified as a result of the Design phase.

We get you to the right partners quickly through our tried and tested search and selection process as well as ensure you have the best commercial model in place though our extensive data on agency rates:

  • Market mapping
  • Chemistry
  • Pitch
  • Commercial Evaluation

AAR are a great source of intelligence for different agency markets and models. They provide an independent view / benchmark to ensure our business is getting value for money and help us shape the strategy to extract the best value that we can.

Senior Procurement Manager,
The Co-op