Helping design the right marketing ecosystem

Your marketing ecosystem is comprised of distinct layers, including how you Think, Create, Trade / Buy, Adapt, Distribute and Measure. Each has an important role to play in driving growth and the efficiency and effectiveness of any marketing ecosystem is determined by the architecture of internal and external capabilities across these layers. What will enable the necessary changes, empowering you to better connect the business with its customers? What will maximise efficiency and effectiveness, both within and between layers?

We will help you elevate your marketing ecosystem across in-sourced and out-sourced capabilities through our four-step process:

Whilst every brand looking to right-house starts from a different place, they are asking the same core questions. What is the best blend of internal and external capabilities to drive growth for my business?

1. Discovery

  • Take a deep dive into your business and marketing strategies; understand your short and long-term objectives to guide our focus to the key internal and external capabilities within each layer you will need
  • Capture internal hypotheses for future marketing ecosystem

2. Model assessment

  • Obtain an overview of current partners, their capabilities and performance across each layer
  • Review internal capabilities, roles and responsibilities and current operating model
  • Map existing inhouse/outsourced capability across agreed ecosystems layers
  • Analyse effectiveness of current model against marketing objectives
  • Interview key stakeholders to understand performance of current model

3. Outside-in perspective

  • Workshop to share analysis from assessment phase and agree recommendations for improvements and evolution to the model
  • Explore the ‘art of the possible’ across key layers of the ecosystem by going into the market

4. Model design

  • Design a target model that makes recommendations across agreed layers
  • Map out implementation phases and timeframes to achieve future state
  • Agree Build phase objectives and capabilities sought to populate new model
In creating the Design, always remember that like Rome, it won’t be built in a day so we will help you set achievable milestones and gateways.