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AAR Core Level Seminar - Building a stimulating culture of creativity

Via Zoom video conference


Has there been a time when creativity is more valued, yet so under-appreciated and understood?

AAR evidence has shown that clients demand it and agencies crave to deliver it. Yet the relentless march of algorithms, the treadmill of ‘arithmocracy’ and the obsessive focus on accountability has led to a uniformity, a downweighting of creativity and a gnawing frustration amongst many agency personnel that risk and bravery are being stigmatised, and creativity marginalised and ghettoised.

The latest in AAR’s seminar series focuses on understanding the nature of creativity. It provides ideas and techniques to empower and inspire creativity and imagination among account teams, across the whole agency, and even to enhance agency-client relationships.

Seminar overview

This seminar,  hosted by Anthony Tasgal, is designed to:

  • Help individuals within agencies, agencies as an organisation and, indeed, the whole agency-client culture become more attuned to the benefits and practice of creativity; to build a mutual understanding and climate that fosters effective creativity.
  • Help re-motivate, re-energise and excite account leads in order to build more fulfilled, happier and more successful account management teams (and agencies), and better client relationships.
  • Help agencies to be better, more provocative, more in tune with and ahead of clients’ needs. To appreciate the power of storytelling and Behavioural Economics in the understanding and generation of creativity and differentiation.
  • Highlight the links between creativity, serendipity, playfulness and happiness, especially at a time when opportunities to bump into new people and new ideas have been curtailed.


  • Create ways of thinking and provide the tools to get account handlers to be more aware of the theory and practice of creativity, to gain insight into the individual brain and across company cultures. Creativity is not a “thing” you can point out, weigh and order off the shelf.
  • Encourage participants to consider how brands work and to think creatively, whatever your job title suggests.
  • Realise that branding and creativity don’t reside exclusively with people called “Creatives”.
  • Help excite, energise, inspire and enthuse attendees*. (*Guaranteed)

Who should attend?

Account leads, Account Directors and those aspiring to become Account Directors in the next 6-12 months.

About the presenter

Anthony Tasgal – ‘Tas’ to the world at large – is a Man of Many Lanyards. He is a long-term agency planner and still freelances with several agencies and clients, including the Royal Albert Hall.

He runs his own training company and is a Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Market Research Society, the Institute of Internal Communication and the Civil Service College, running courses on Storytelling, Behavioural Economics, Insightment and Creative Briefing among others in the UK, US, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden and UAE. He also lectures at Bucks New Uni and Nottingham Trent.

Tas is also a full Member of the CIM, a regular speaker at client events and international conferences and has written three books – The Storytelling Book ,The Inspiratorium  and  “InCitations”. Basically, the man never sleeps.

Running this session online

We will be running one session only from 10am to 12.30pm on Wednesday 21st September 2022 via Zoom. If you or a colleague would like to participate, please do email us on and we’ll be sure to send you the conference details.

NB: AAR seminars are exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies only. A maximum of FIVE places per agency for our remote sessions, please.

Many thanks for your flexibility and support throughout these unprecedented times.

NB: Bookings will open in mid-August for this session.

Event Information

  • Via Zoom video conference
  • 21/09/2022
  • 10:00AM - 12:30PM
  • Free to AAR subscribers

Please note: This event is exclusively for AAR Subscribers

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