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AAR Core Level Seminar - You’re talking, but how do you make sure clients are listening?

Via Zoom video conference


Every agency competes for attention by committing more resources (and money) to communicating in more channels than ever before: podcasts, newsletters, LinkedIn, Investor Relations, recruitment ads. So, you’re getting heard, but what if clients aren’t actually listening to what you say?

How can you use language to engage them? How can you use your brand voice to start positioning your agency in their minds? Can you make sure that voice stays on-brand, even while flexing for different channels and situations?

The purpose of this session is to understand why so many businesses default to the standard ‘agency voice’ and instead learn a simple and effective way for everyone to create a differentiated voice that is true to their business.

  • You’ll be introduced to a simple framework for language which has been proven with global brands (LVMH and Alphabet’s ‘moonshot factory’), UK national brands and start-ups.
  • You’ll learn a few quick and handy writers’ tips.
  • You’ll learn how to save money and time with a clearer voice.
  • You’ll start a quick category audit and come away with an understanding how you can create your own brand voice and align everyone in the business with it.

Seminar Overview

This seminar, hosted by Chris West, will:

  • Show how language is working everywhere, all the time across multiple touch points.
  • Show how professional businesses tend to default to a category style and so miss out on positioning themselves right from the start.
  • Share a highly successful framework for creating your agency voice and aligning everyone with it.
  • Identify the benchmarks of excellence for a great brand voice that gets clients listening.
  • Share writing tips proven successful over 20 years in multiple environments.


  • Time to think clearly about the challenges of creating a truly distinctive brand voice.
  • Create a rationale for focusing on the brand voice.
  • Be clear on how to flex a brand voice while keeping it consistent.
  • Have a simple ‘3 levels’ framework that everyone can use.
  • Come away with the 5 absolutely best writers’ tips for writing faster and more on-brand.
  • Time to share honestly with peers the challenges you face and learn from each other while building last connections on a shared area of interest.

Who should attend?

This seminar has been designed for agencies who feel that they want to make their communications even more effective and start winning more attention. So come along if you’re a Founder, Head of Business Development or someone truly committed to trying something new to grow your business.

About the presenter

Chris West is the Founder of the super-specialist language consultancy, Verbal Identity, believing that every brand should have a voice that’s as strong and distinctive as their visual identity. He’s consulted to CEOs of global businesses, professional services firms and start ups.

He started his career as a highly-awarded copywriter (Saatchi’s, BBH, Leagas Delaney, and was finally the 8th person through the door at Mother). He also wrote a film which won Best Film at the Barcelona Film Festival. He contributes to national titles, business schools and his recent book STRONG LANGUAGE: THE FASTEST, SMARTEST, CHEAPEST MARKETING TOOL YOU’RE NOT USING, went to #1 on Amazon 36 hours after launch.

Running this session online

We will be running one session only from 10am to 12.30pm on Tuesday 22 February 2022 via Zoom. If you or a colleague would like to participate, please do email us on and we’ll be sure to send you the conference details.

NB: AAR seminars are exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies only. A maximum of FIVE places per agency for our remote sessions, please.

Many thanks for your flexibility and support throughout these unprecedented times.

NB: Bookings will open in mid-January for this session.

This session has moved from Weds 23 February to Tuesday 22 February 2022.

Event Information

  • Via Zoom video conference
  • 22/02/2022
  • 10:00AM - 12:30PM
  • Free to AAR subscribers

Please note: This event is exclusively for AAR Subscribers

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