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AAR Webinar - Understanding In-House Agencies: What Agency Leaders Need to Know

Via Zoom Webinar


Why are we talking about in-house agencies and their impact on the creative landscape? Because the game is changing, and we all need to be ahead of the curve. In-house teams are no longer the underdogs; they're major players influencing how brands engage with their audiences. For external agencies, understanding this shift and developing strategies for working with in-house teams is crucial for survival and growth.

Webinar overview

Join AAR and Tabitha Winter for 'Understanding In-House Agencies: What Agency Leaders Need to Know', a must-see webinar for agency leaders navigating the rise of in-house teams. Explore the evolution, benefits, and challenges of in-housing, and discover strategies for external agencies to adapt and thrive. 


  • Gain invaluable insights into the rise of in-house agencies, and arm yourself with strategies to adapt and collaborate.
  • Learn from real-world case studies and leave with actionable steps to thrive in a landscape increasingly influenced by in-house teams.

Who should attend?

  • Agency account leads with clients for which in-housing is a consideration.
  • Agency new business who need to understand the debate and options around the topic when dealing with prospective clients.
  • Agency leadership who need an overview of the latest thinking and issues that the in-housing debate raises. 

About the presenter

Tabitha is a seasoned creative services and operations expert with over 25 years of experience spanning all aspects of advertising and marketing. Her primary focus lies in strategically optimising in-house and agency-side creative departments to align with business objectives.

As a creative, strategic, and results-driven leader, Tabitha has an extensive background in building and managing local and global creative enterprises. Her expertise includes process creation and optimisation, training, consulting, and mentoring, as well as integrated project management consultancy, strategy, and department setup. She excels in end-to-end project direction, process implementation, and the application of MarTech tools.

How to book

We will be running one session only from 11am to 12pm on Wednesday 4 October 2023 via Zoom Webinar. If you or a colleague would like to join, please do email us with name, job title, agency and email address to and we’ll be sure to send you the Zoom webinar details. We cannot process bookings without those details!

Event Information

Via Zoom Webinar
11:00AM - 12:00PM
Exclusive to AAR subscribing agencies

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