The Benefits

It’s objective and diagnostic Image

It’s objective and diagnostic

We explore agency strengths and weakness, client strengths and weaknesses, blocks and barriers to efficiency and effectiveness, and the real root causes

We identify gaps in service which need addressing now to reflect any changes post pitch considering people, process and output

It’s time efficient for you, your colleagues and your agency Image

It’s time efficient for you, your colleagues and your agency

Our approach focuses on what matters most, delivered quickly, objectively and with no distraction from you or your team’s day jobs

We’ll advise on the most efficient way to capture senior stakeholders’ views to ensure perceptions don’t derail a successful long term partnership

It’s forward looking Image

It’s forward looking

We will deliver clear recommendations on what needs to change, what needs re-engineering and what needs to be recognised and built on to enable great work

We will suggest changes to your existing SLA’s and KPI’s to ensure the right metrics are tracked and measured moving forwards

We will give you an external perspective by comparing your results against other clients and agencies in their first year together using our unique AAR benchmark data